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I am a photorealist oil painter. I like to tell people I am a painter: as if I paint walls, which I do as well. Actually, I love colour and design and do enjoy painting walls, particularly if I can try some paint effect, and murals of course. But first and foremost, I am a canvas or linen painter.

Actually, I find it difficult to define my style of painting. Some might say it is a kind of ''trompe l'oeil', in that my paintings are rendered in extremely realistic detail, and my goal is to create a space or illusion of reality. I like to think my work has that magical quality possessed by other such works I have admired. In that the viewer thinks that what they are seeing is real.

And to think it all began with me looking at my photographs and thinking, I'd like to paint that image. I have included an unabridged statement on this website. It begins years ago, in 1992, while living in Egypt; I began taking photographs of the places I visited in Egypt. Inspired by the images, I began painting. It describes my exhibitions and statements of my work.

The consistency, or obvious repetitive theme, is my goal to transform a blank canvas into something, an illusion, yes, as it is just paint on a surface, but the medium is insignificant to the image. It is a real space, a third dimension. Mies Van de Roe once said:

God is in the details. And I, like him, believe in 'the details'; for all things. It is impossible to create such an illusion without attention to the detail. Actually, it is in the sum approach: the composition, the colours, the details. Another recurring aspect is my appreciation and attraction to beauty. I make "pretty pictures". There have been, and are still, times, when I wish my work expressed more: be it political, cultural, spiritual. Something! But perhaps, that is only so that my work would be recognized as significant; so that my hours of commitment and perseverance would be acknowledged by art critics, financially savvy gallery owners or committees who issue art grants.

I remind myself, that my paintings are in many private collections: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, England, Finland, France, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Korea, Norway, Singapore, Scotland, Syria, The Netherlands and the United States. I am pleased. To think my paintings are hanging in so many homes, specially framed and cherished.

I do believe their present owners appreciate them more than I. It is not to say, I don't value them, but the most important painting to me is the one I am currently working on. In making this website, I have had to rescan photos of them that I have not thought of in years. Yet, I have not forgotten one. And I thank those people who valued my effort and intention.

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