p h o t o r e a l i s t    o i l    p a i n t e r    m a r i l y n    b a t t e

Marilyn Batte is a self taught photorealist oil painter, although she sometimes experiments with other mediums and styles. She is a widely exhibited Canadian artist, with her work showing in galleries in Canada, Egypt and Singapore. Since 1993, Batte has shown her works in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Her paintings are in private international collections or in her studio in Canada.

Batte grew up in Kitchener, Ontario. She studied architecture and art history at Carleton University in Ottawa and then education at Queen's University in Kingston. Her teaching degree took her to Egypt, where she began painting. Most of her paintings are inspired by her photographs of the landscapes of Egypt where she lived for ten years. She has begun a series based on the orchids in Singapore, where she lived for two years.

Her goal is to transform a blank canvas into the illusion of a three dimensional space that into the viewer may step. As a contemporary Realist using the medium of oil on canvas or linen, Batte achieves beautifully detailed scenes of desert, sea and nature which inspire a peaceful contemplative mood. The distinct detail of her selected subject matter creates striking compositions. She uses her photographs as tools to portray an accurate rendering of a place and time.


Orchid Paintings featured in Paula White Diamond Art Gallery's Positive & Negative exhibition.
Opening Reception: Saturday May 5th, 5-9 pm at The Mill Shed, 10 Front Street, St. Jacobs, Ontario