The oil painting exhibition by Canadian artist Marilyn Batte celebrates the beauty of Egypt 's landscapes. She takes photographs of Egypt as she travels. She then paints the light and colour of these places, trying to create on canvas the illusion of the actual place so that a person looking at the painting feels they are in the space.

Batte worked as an art teacher in Cairo until 1995 when she switched to painting full time.

Since then she has held 14 exhibitions. "Inspirations of Light" is her seventh solo exhibition in Egypt . It opens 8:00 pm , on 12 th May at the World of Art Gallery in Maadi. The exhibition is open daily from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm until 30 th May.

The exhibit includes photorealistic paintings of Egypt 's land, mountains, sea and desert and the Nile , along with a series of floral paintings inspired by Cairo 's flower shops.



Batte writes about Egypt :

A land of hot and intense sun.
A land of sand and desert.
A land of water: divided by the River Nile, to the north, the Mediterranean ; to the east, the Red Sea..
A land of rock and the rugged mountains of the Sinai.
A land of extremes, from the barren unforgiving desert to the fertile banks of the Nile and the spring nurtured oases.

  Moafi, Hamida "Inspirations of Light." Heliopolis, Vol 4. Issue 9., 1999:39