Marilyn Batte, a Canadian artist working in Cairo is preparing for her 14 th exhibition in Egypt . The exhibition will be held at the World of Art Gallery. "Inspirations of Light" is an exhibition where she captures the many wonderful places she visits by first photographing and then painting tem to capture the entrancing light and colour. She recreates on canvas the illusion of the actual place so that a person looking at a painting feels that they are in the space. In her paintings she eliminates irrelevant details, making lines stronger, changing the depth and enhancing the colour and quality of light. Whether it is a particular landscape or flower, there are always, to her, inspirations of light.

Batte received her education at Carleton University in Ottawa, graduating with Honours in Architecture and Art History and continued on at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario for a degree in education.

The exhibition opening will be on Wednesday May 12 th at 8:00 pm and will continue until Sunday May 30 th. Her Excellency, the Ambassador of Canada, Marie-Andree Beauchemin will inaugurate the exhibition.

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