Marilyn Batte as a painter has succeeded in realizing her own style through much practice and experience. She has enjoyed nature since childhood observing everything with the' Artist's Eye' through her travels and life.

She wanders, searching with her eye and pure sense for the most beautiful and balanced forms, which she portrays with brush and colours.

She was inspired by many sights of Egypt, so she has visited and explored many ont of the way places in Egypt and captured them on canvas.

At first, Batte's paintings look like photographs, but her brush sense changes them and makes the scenes more exciting. What comes through is beauty and tenderness.

She looks at Egyptian "Still Places" from her own perspective and gives the images a brightness that perhaps we haven't seen before as a matter of habit.

So, she gives us a new sense of Egypt from our shores to our farms. Batte's paintings give us a chance to see our own nature from a new perspective after we have spent the days surrounded, blocked and crowded by the cement of the city.

  El Gewouily, Kamal "A critique of Egypt through Canadian Eyes." Chairman Egyptian Fine Art Critics Society